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  APCOS - Timely Submission of attendance details to process salaries of 'Outsourced Personnel' in CFMS portal - Important instructions issued - Reg. Dated:21.09.2020           Budget 2020-21(Final) – Release of full Budget – Guidelines for issue of Comprehensive Budget Release Order (CBRO) and Budget Distribution – Orders –Issued. Dated:03-07-2020            Demand for Grants for 2020-21 (Final) -Voted Expenditure           Cir.Memo.1143191/Budget.I/2020 - Budget 2020-21 (Vote on Account) – Further Instructions on admission of advertisement bills – Reg Dt:13.05.2020           Extension of time for submission of annual life certificates by the pensioners in the State and confirmation of the same by the 197 treasury units in the State and to other Pension disbursing Authorities of the State upto 31 May 2020 due to lock down - Covid 19 - Regarding. Dated 22-04-2020           Donate to the CM Relief Fund, AP.             The SCOs and CCOs may find a report on the list of bills migrated from FY:2019-20 to FY:2020-21 in their login.They may regulate budget distributions duly maintaining these balances to the DDOs.           నగదు లేదా చెక్కు / డి.డి రూపంలో చలానాలు చెల్లించదలచిన వారు చలానా ఫారంలో NEFT/RTGS పద్దతిని ఎంచుకోనగలరు.   For Remittance of the challan at Bank Counter Please Select NEFT/RTGS in Challan form